Our team needed to realign on a common sense of purpose, direction and ways of working. Sonya helped us by designing two team workshops in which she created the structure and safe environment for us to analyse our current way of operating, initiate an open dialogue, highlight different perspectives, communicate transparently and identify areas for improvement. The outcome of our work together has led us to better communication and ways of working, greater alignment, generating an overall increase in mutual trust. What I particularly appreciated was Sonya's professionalism, structured yet flexible approach and her ability to facilitate our team discussions in a 'present' but non 'invasive' way.

Alongside the team workshops she also coached one of the team members and this has helped improve not only this person's communication skills and ability to balance work/life ambitions, but also our relationship which is now based on more trust, better understanding of our differences and our mutual commitment to align and openly discuss different perspectives. As a consequence, my own personal work-life balance has improved.

I would highly recommend Sonya to anyone.

Bernhard Sagmeister – Managing Director - AWS

Sonya did an excellent job in improving my communication skills especially in bridging the distance to remote offices. In a very friendly and trustful atmosphere she made me become aware how different ways of behaviour result in different perceptions and reactions. By asking clear and precise questions she made me reflect and gain insights thereby always ensuring to stick to the topic. These insights will definitely remain of big help for the future.

Secretary General of a European Association

Perfect! Sonya is great! Open atmosphere and respectful environment. A pleasure!

Training Participant

There are coincidences that we should seize with both hands, even though we come to understand their meaning only long after they occurred.

One day a few months ago I received a phone call to attend a course on “emotional intelligence" (being led by Sonya) and I immediately signed up to it because it was complementing a course that I was already doing on my own. I felt the need to further develop and put into practice what I had only read about in books. I did not expect to be so involved by Sonya, who right from the first words, in a "curious" way and with such enthusiasm to be contagious, generated everyone’s interest.

With topics presented so clearly and especially with artfully made questions , she managed to remove a lot of "rust" coming from our habits and beliefs and at the same time she made us understand that certain behaviors prevent us from achieving the best from ourselves and from others. The need to continue, kept on growing right from the very first topics, because the curiosity to set new personal goals was so strong that I couldn’t leave it at just attending the course.

So I started my first experience of personal coaching with Sonya and I must say that this has changed my way of looking at life, at situations, at people. Sonya was really good at adapting her style to my needs as a mature woman, with simplicity, professionalism and tact, helping to train my mind to think in "reverse mode", as I defined it, in order to understand the intrinsic nature of some of my behaviors and to try to improve them.

And this is what has happened: I have been able to change my thinking into being positive , proactive and constructive, and as a result improving my relationships with people both on a personal and on a professional level, with everyone’s satisfaction. I’m already enjoying the results. The coincidence is that it happened exactly when I needed it most! My only regret? ...to not have known Sonya long before!

Ileana Marconi – Managing Director – Errefood SpA

It was a very good training thanks to the professional trainer. Everything was excellent. Also time wise Sonya managed the event very well.

Training Participant

Sonya has been the trainer of two of our courses dedicated to Female Managers. The goal was to discover and develop “feminine soft skills” to drive business innovation.

Twelve women, coming from different companies, had to work together and compare experiences on both professional and personal topics. The aim was to support and enhance their management skills, fostering the development of their talents, encouraging creativity and personal initiative, as well as teamwork and cooperation.

Sonya has stimulated the discussion and exchange of ideas; she had the “hermeneutic" ability to unleash each one’s potential, valuing everyone’s point of view.

She was able to challenge without destabilizing the group; to unite and create a climate of mutual trust and analysis. The meetings were very involving and very intense, and have helped the women develop an awareness that they often naturally have, but do not realize, hence fail to exploit.

Francesca Grassi – Centro Servizi P.M.I (Service Center for SMEs) – Confapi Parma Training & Consulting

Coaching with Sonya is like taking the fast track to clarity with all the enjoyment of the scenic route. I hang on her every question, not least because of the enlightened answers she never fails to draw out of me. She has helped me inject structure and clarity in situations of deadlocks so as to move forward with unexpected speed and lucidity. I would and do recommend her and her coaching to anyone and everyone. It's a delight

Nicole Kreel - General Legal Counsel - Fashion Box S.p.A

Excellent trainer and a very effective communicator. She was very clear, explained well and I learned a lot!

Training Participant

The coaching experience with Robazza International Coaching was very enjoyable, non judgmental and instrumental in improving personal vision and self-confidence.

The coaching style is distinctive and offers trusted and high integrity discussions with a partner with whom to share ideas, points of view, feeling and emotions and from whom, on request, come precious insights. What I especially appreciated was the masterful, professional way in which the dialogue always drifted in a controlled manner, the unparalleled attention to details, the thought-provoking observations. A few, very enlightening “ahah! moments” are still vivid in my mind.

My journey ended up further than what I had planned. Coaching helped me clarifying my personal values and thus what motivates me to achieve more, in both professional and private settings. As a result, I’m better at focusing on what is important to me in the medium to longer-term: a strategic personal plan. It all feels like a new mindset versus having attended yet another course.

I certainly recommend Robazza International Coaching to anyone who is as serious about themselves as they are about their business

Alberto De Conti - Director, Global Innovation Group - Levi Strauss & Co.

I approached coaching when I was going through a very hard time, both professional and personal. It was a time when I was unable to break out of a situation of deadlock.

Thanks to Sonya, as of the very first session, I really felt like I was reemerging as a person. It’s incredible how the way she would ask questions, never intrusive and without judgment, making me feel that she was always close to me, has helped qualities that I had forgotten to be mine flourish, and my self confidence grow.

Sonya has had the ability to help me find once again the enthusiasm, and moreover understand that in difficult times I can always count on one person, that is me.

Enrico Gavioli – Entrepreneur

Sonya facilitated the team building exercise of the Scientific Cooperation Unit of EFSA. We appreciated her ability to involve us all into the discussion, guiding us through a good mix of theoretical background combined with practical examples and discussions, thus helping us to reflect on what we have achieved already as a team and where we can further improve.

Bernhard Berger – Head of Unit – European Food Safety Authority

We asked Sonya to facilitate a focus group made up of a number of professional experts discussing an elaborate topic, and help stimulate, by means also of creative games and exercises, a positive dialogue rich in new ideas. We appreciated Sonya’s ability to conduct the focus group in an unbiased manner, ensuring equal speech opportunities for all and underling the value of every participant’s point of view. She demonstrated excellent time management skills, professionalism, reliability, punctuality, and ability to connect with each individual. Following our request to change the direction of the event she has exhibited great positivity, openness and flexibility to change, with extreme rapidity.

Alessandro Molinari e Elisa Barbieri - Owners of the Communication Studio 00:am

Well organised, very interesting, inspiration and lots of insights. Sonya puts the participants at a comfortable and confident level.

Training Participant

It is my third training with Sonya, she is very competent! Very good techniques showcased, my presentations skills have alraedy improved.

Training Participant

I discovered the art of coaching with Sonya: it immediately turned into a wonderful surprise. Sonya is extremely professional. She was able to have me face with ease and almost pleasantly even the toughest passages of the endless internal journey, that is coaching. With my coach I was able to make explicit questions for which I had no awareness, and find the most appropriate answers, resulting in remarkable improvements in the management of my working relationships."

Simone Gabbi - Legal Officer - European Food Safety Authority

Very well delivered. Respectful of all participants needs with sufficient time for discussion, another excellent training with Sonya.

Training Participant

Excellent trainer! Sonya is really picking up on the needs of each participant and providing excellent feedback.

Training Participant

Very effective training. Although we were many people everything ran smoothly. Great tips and exercises.

Training Participant

I explored coaching because I felt the need to give a positive change to my professional life. Since some time infact I felt like I was standing still and without plausible alternatives. I realized that I needed help from a professional (I would get lost in my own thoughts and would look at my hypothesis as inconclusive) that could assist me:

- in overcoming the difficulties I was facing to make my desire to change my professional life concrete
- to obtain clarity in my mind and eliminate those useless thoughts clouding my professional future
- in creating a true alternative to my current working situation.

Little by little I took into account my indispensable values, my ideas on people, ways and environments that make me feel good, and my true expectations. Coaching helped me in not getting lost, in keeping my concentration focused on what I was doing; hence finding a concrete possible alternative. It helped me in walking towards the direction that was “best fit” for me.

The result? The feeling that I can do it, I found a valid alternative which allows me to move forward: I have “a free mind and strong legs”

F. Paladini – Project Manager – Non-profit organisation

My coaching experience was first of all interesting as I found that when the answers come from yourself it is liberating and gives you alot of energy. My focus was on developing a personal life plan, understanding what do in my life. Coaching allowed me to see and to approach issues from a different angle. As a result I made better choices, I feel I have built a solid foundation and my life has now fallen better into place.

Leah Cosgriff - Io Donna Magazine

I had been struggling more or less unconsciously with an issue for years of my professional life. In the sessions I had with Sonya she guided me through the labyrinth of my fears, experiences and hopes for the future and a weight lifted off my shoulders. Now I am finally free and able to look upon myself and my life much happier. It is amazing!

I warmly recommend Sonya for her professional guidance and gentle ways. She has helped me enormously and I will be forever grateful to her!

Lesley Carol Koschel - Administrative Officer, Office of the Executive Director, European Food Safety Authority

I knew nothing about coaching, but I felt I needed to rediscover inside of me that motivation which gives you the strength to overcome the obstacles that life and work present to you. So I decided to try coaching. I’ve been immediately impressed by my coach’s exceptional humane qualities. She’s friendly, gentle, very professional, as well as determined and firm/confident.

I immediately felt understood, never judged and most of all supported. She’s always demonstrated enthusiasm for my wishes and happy to help me reach them.

Thanks to her I’ve been able to clarify my wishes, turn them into goals and I’ve gained the awareness that I could reach them.

My coach then assisted me to find the appropriate method and tools to achieve my goals and most importantly, she helped me rediscover the positive attitude, energy and self esteem, that are in each one of us and that are the key for a life….to be fully lived!

Saba Giovanacci - Administrative Assistant - European Food Safety Authority