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A leader's success is the organisation's success.

Effective leaders create environments of trust and inspire people to move in the right direction and align to strategic business goals. To be able to do so they use good listening and observation skills, so they can adapt their styles as necessary. They build good interpersonal relationships by connecting with others in a way that makes them feel safe and valued. And they engage in self-care so they can perform at their best and be a role model for the rest of the organisation.

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Sonya Robazza

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Your future is created by what you do today,
not tommorow.

- Robert Kiyosaki -



For all our clients to evolve into their “best-self”, create inspired teams and healthy organisations.


Deliver high quality coaching and training services with integrity, passion and professionalism, to help leaders become more effective, more inspiring, more authentic.


I honor the International Coaching Federation’s coaching ethical code. See here for more details: download PDF


I believe in honesty, living true to my values, being coherent, reliable and constructive.


I believe in people’s potential, I work with courage to challenge myself and others for the best, I seek to constantly learn and develop; I believe in striving for excellence.


I believe in creating value, high quality, high standards; I prize respect, empathy and strong customer relationships.



Getting the best out of people.
Coaching develops your potential, improves your performance, increases your fulfilment and puts you on the fast track.

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Bespoke training solutions.
Develop the skills and qualities of authentic and effective leadership, inspire and empower your teams, help build healthy organisations.

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Emotional Intelligence

One of the most sought-after interpersonal skills for today’s leader.
Understand and manage your emotions and develop social awareness, so you can communicate more effectively, promote collaboration and increase your influence.

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Insights Discovery®

Understand more about yourself and others, in an accessible way.
Greater self-understanding leads to greater understanding of others, which creates the foundation for valuing and better utilising differences, building stronger relationships, thus optimising performance.

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Coaching with Sonya is like taking the fast track to clarity with all the enjoyment of the scenic route. I hang on her every question, not least because of the enlightened answers she never fails to draw out of me. She has helped me inject structure and clarity in situations of deadlocks so as to move forward with unexpected speed and lucidity. I would and do recommend her and her coaching to anyone and everyone. It's a delight!

Nicole Kreel General Legal Counsel - Fashion Box S.p.A

Sonya did an excellent job in improving my communication skills especially in bridging the distance to remote offices. In a very friendly and trustful atmosphere she made me become aware how different ways of behaviour result in different perceptions and reactions. By asking clear and precise questions she made me reflect and gain insights thereby always ensuring to stick to the topic. These insights will definitely remain of big help for the future.

  Secretary General of a European Association

Sonya facilitated the team building exercise of the Scientific Cooperation Unit of EFSA. We appreciated her ability to involve us all into the discussion, guiding us through a good mix of theoretical background combined with practical examples and discussions, thus helping us to reflect on what we have achieved already as a team and where we can further improve.

Bernhard Berger Head of Unit – European Food Safety Authority

Our team needed to realign on a common sense of purpose, direction and ways of working. Sonya helped us by designing two team workshops in which she created the structure and safe environment for us to analyse our current way of operating, initiate an open dialogue, highlight different perspectives, communicate transparently and identify areas for improvement. The outcome of our work together has led us to better communication and ways of working, greater alignment, generating an overall increase in mutual trust. What I particularly appreciated was Sonya's professionalism, structured yet flexible approach and her ability to facilitate our team discussions in a 'present' but non 'invasive' way.. I would highly recommend Sonya to anyone.

Bernhard Sagmeister Managing Director AWS